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tv   Fox 5 Morning News at 425am  FOX  January 10, 2012 4:25am-5:00am EST

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good morning. it is 4:25 on this foggy tuesday, january 10, 2012. you are looking at the u.s. capitol domenech -- at the u.s. capitol dome. a little bit of fog out there. let's check in with tucker barnes. >> a few spots picked up about an inch of snow. here in washington, just fog. much of the snow that managed to stick to the ground has
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melted off and our temperatures are right around freezing. there could be a couple of stephen kilbreathe spots for you. radar, the snow shower activity that moved through during the hours yesterday, it is out of here and we are hooking at quarter weather in the forecast for the day today. it will be nice and mild. any leftover snow should quickly melt off here. that being said, we have a little morning fog and temperature are flirting with the freezing mark. you want to take a little extra time going to work in maced where you picked up some snow. we'll see if we can get this forecast right. sunshine today, temperatures the low 50s. we are guaranteeing things will be drier today. more in a minute. back to you. >> thank you. voting in the new hampshire primary is under way today and the results from the small town of dixville notch are n there
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are only nine registered voters there and three are democrats would voted for president obama. another six republicans cast two votes each for mitt romney and jon huntsman. newt gingrich and ron paul tied for second with one vote each. a maryland soldier is accused trying to join an african-based terrorist group. he graduated from 2005. he tried to join a somalia based terrorist organization buts with arrested in kept i can't and brought back to the u.s. on friday. he is facing 15 years in prison in he is convicted. there is another plan to hike metro fares. rate hikes could start sometime next year as a way to cover rising costs. some of the proposals include raising the bus fair and the
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base rail fair by 10 cents. the peak fares would stay the same. mother nature delivered a surprise round of snow to our area on monday. it didn't last long. that didn't matter though some kids in our area out to enjoy a blast of winter weather. >> reporter: surprise, surprise, out of nowhere snow covered the area. did you know it was going to be like this? >> not at all. forecast didn'tsy anything at all. >> reporter: what do you think about this? >> nice, but quite up expected. >> reporter: most people we spoke with had no idea this was coming. >> i to did not expect it. >> it was in the middle of classened i was like look, snow! and effect just runs up to the window. >> reporter: in this fairfax community, yes, they were like everybody else caught off guard by the unexpected snow but they took advantage of the situation. >> i didn't think it was going to stick at first. it look too warm. but when it started sticking, i
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was like all right, let's go. the kids are like daddy, let's go play. okay. >> reporter: between the sledding and snowball fights, no one cared that they didn't get a warning. on a day like this, you will need help to make the snow balls. you put this the device in the ground and voila, a snowball. the snow didn't last that long and didn't crow ate any major problems on the roads. the barnes family enjoyed it. >> having fun. haven't had a snowball fight in years. >> reporter: with winter just starting, there probably more of this to come. getting to sports now, alabama is the champ of the college college football. they boat the lsu tigers last
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night 21-0. jeremy shelley kicked five field goals. in hockey, a tough game out west for the wash caps. they lost to the l.a. kings last night 5-2. alex ovechkin went scoreless for the second straight game after a seven-game scoring streak. we still have plenty ahead, your weather, traffic and all your top stories. fox 5 morning news at 4:30 starts now. good morning, everyone. it is tuesday. we are taking a look at 395 at duke street there. you can see the moisture in the air. a little foggy out there this morning as you head out. just keep that in mind. good morning. i'm sarah simmons. welcome to fox 5 morning news. let's say hello to tucker barnes. that is my area a little bit, a little bit of snow on the ground. >> how much it you get, about an inch? >> probably about that. >> that is about it. a for you spots got a little more than an inch, but parts of
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the area, a trace of snow. it depends on where you live. >> it was nice to see. we've been talking about it. >> it generally didn't stick to the roads. considered it was a little bit of a surprise even for the people in the weather center. >> i wasn't going to say anything. >> thanks for not rubbing it in. let me let you know that any snow that did fall, any water out there on the roadways will get a chance to freeze here to the west out towards dulles, 31. parts of the area getting to at or below freezing. today should be different than yesterday. lots of sunshine expected. we do have low clouds or fog this morning. that will burn off and we'll be in for a nice day today and a mild day today. it should be nice and mild for you. i guarantee we're not looking
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at any more frozen stuff today. high about 52 degrees. >> 52, that will be nice. >> the snow will be gone in a couple of hours. >> you hear that, the snow will be gone, julie, in a couple of hours if you have any up there. >> we did. we got about a half inch, mainly on the dpras. i know there are some slick spots out there on the roads. -- we got about a half inch, mainly on the grass. on the elevated passages, you could run into black ice this morning. just proceed with i think fog will dim -- definitely be a problem for you. coming out of gaithersburg, i could hardly see two car lengths in front of me. by the time i hit the beltway, the fog was better but still
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something we need to contend with. this is a shot of the commute coming inbound along 66. they were scheduled to do the roadwork overnight. proceed with caution as you guys travel out early this morning in each direction between tyson's and the springfield interchange. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. >> all right. thank you. nine registered voters in the city of dixville notch have already voted. president obama won in that city. >> there was one vote cast for newt gingrich. there was two votes cast for noni huntsman. one vote cast for ron paul. and there was two votes cast to
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mitt romney. -- there was two votes cast for jon huntsman. >> dixville notch has voted first in the new hampshire primary since 1960. fox 5 will have complete coverage of the new hampshire primary today. making other headlines this morning, the arrest of a maryland soldier accused of trying to join an african-based terrorist group. 24-year-old greg baxom graduated from laurel high school back in 2005. federal prosecutors say he converted to islam shortly before leaving the military and tried to join a somali based terrorist organization. he was arrested in kenya and brought back to the u.s. on friday. two neighbors say he lived with his brother and father in laurel. >> he did not smile. i've never seen the man smile, at all. he was a very strange guy.
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never spoke. never really spoke on his own. kept to himself. he wouldn't speak. he didn't acknowledge anything. he was all into his own world. >> baxom is facing 15 roars in prison if he is convicted. he was a tough cop on the fredericksburg police force, a 24-year veteran of the force, a captain and the head of the detectives division. now, he is the center of a criminal investigation. captain bret mitchell taylor was accused of having inappropriate contact with a 17- year-old boy he met on the internet. he was arrested over the weekend after police found the two sharing a room at a motel six in stafford. according to sheriff's deputies, the teen was walking down the street early saturday morning. he told them he was locked out of his room and the man who had rented it would be back later. taylor has since been released. he is on paid administrative leave pending an internal investigation. he is married with children. family appear friends are
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looking for some answers after a teenager was gunned down all for his shoes. david lee robinson was waiting at a bus stop on 58th street northeast early sunday morning when an suv pulled up announcing the stick-up. there was gunfire and robinson was killed during that exchange. his family are wondering why he was murdered over just a pair of sneakers. >> it is just sad for a pair of shoes. if you want my shoes, you can have them, you don't have to take my life. he got a son on the way. he got a son on the way. it hurts. >> robinson's son is due this spring. right now, police have no one in custody and they are hooking for the car that was involved. they say it was a small silver or gray suv with broken glass and bullet holes. police in fredericksburg are looking for this man. he is accused of several break- ins. a detective tried to catch jonathan shepherd after he saw
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him inside an unoccupied house where a burglary had been reported but shepherd got away. investigate ors say he left behind a wallet and some clothe. they think he is homeless and breaking in to squat inside homes. fox 5 is monitoring metro for you this morning and another plan to hike fares actually budget proposal that includes a call for fare increases will be presented on thursday. the rate hiebs could start next year as away to cover rising costs. some of the proposals include raising the bus fare and the base rail fair by 10-cent and raising the flat fare for people would use paper cards on the rail system or people would pay cash on buses. but the peak fares would stay the same. there is some good news. charge metro calls peak of the peak would go away. metro would offset the loss with the increase to the off- peak fare and the per mileage
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rate. metro's ceo and general manager richard sarles will join us in the studio this morning to talk about the fare hike. you can catch that interview here on fox 5 at 7:30. page county public school will open two hours late today. our big story this morning, the first primary under way in new hampshire. coming up next, we know all the big name on the ballot but what about the lesser known candidates. we'll run down the entire list including who is running in the democratic primary. stay with us. sore throat pain can be dreadful.
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cepacol gives powerful lasting relief, because the numbing medicine in cepacol is the maximum strength you can get without a prescription. tame your painful sore throat with cepacol. a ship that has been stuck on a reef off new england is breaking up. cargo ship split in two and there is now a sheen of oil coming out of it and almost 300 containers have spilled into the sea raising fears of more environmental damage.
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it is already considered the worst offshore environmental disaster in new zealand's history. romney, santorum, gingrich, perry, paul and huntsman. we are definitely familiar with those gop candidates. what about rubashr, greenleave and carver. they and many more on today's ballot in new hampshire. there are actually 30 candidates in the running on the republican side today. this is the sample ballot for the gop. it is as long as a grocery list. that is because the rules in new hampshire are fairly lax when it comes to running for president. all you really need is $1,000. that is the filing fee to get on the ballot and yes, you need to be a u.s. citizen, have lived in the country for 14 years and be 35 years old or older. otherwise, there are no petition signatures to gather and submit. michelle bachmann and herman cain remain on the ballot even though they are out of the race. you may not be aware there is a democratic primary in new
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hampshire today. president obama is on the ballot but if you take a look, he is more than halfway down the list of 13 challengers including the likes. vermin supreme and craig tax freeze brace. that is the names on there. the new hampshire secretary of state's office does ask candidates to submit a list of delegates appears alternates who would go to the national convention on their behalf. a little bit of snow. did you see it in it was just a quick blast though. so do we have any more surprises in store? we'll check in with tucker coming up next. also get a look at traffic with julie wright, coming up. ng up.q
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without question. just look for the white check. we are taking a look at interstate 270 and it is a little difficult to see the traffic out there. it is a little foggy out there. you will notice that on your drive. maybe a little snow sticking around. the flake fell for hours leave eggcuple of inches on the ground in several neighborhoods. now, probably due to this, there is a school delay to pass along this morning. page county public schools in virginia will open two hours
4:46 am
late today. that is page county public schools opening two hours late today. >> and the concern is that we've got some freezing temperatures. so some of the rooted ways, julie will have more on that, could be a little bit on the icy side. generally speaking, gusting to maybe an inch. there was a very small band where we picked up about an inch to 2 inches just to the south of the city. first official snowfall at reagan national. picked up over a half inch. >> it is official we have the first snowfall. >> yes, kick it off with the snow totals from yesterday. there you go, reagan national, officially 6/10 of an inch of snow. not terribly impressive amounts but when you're not planning for it. manassas, that was a winner. about 2 inches for you. huntington, maryland, about
4:47 am
anden. these areas as you notice are south of washington. just south of washington. off to the north and north and west, nothing more than a for you flakes as you get up towards dale city. fairfax, virginia, close to an inch. the sweepstakes wishs were just to the south. there will an identify usey spots as temperatures are at offer below freezing. manassas, your current temperature is 30 degrees. you will need a little extra time here on your way to work. 34 in quantico, 34 right now in washington, d.c. 30 in gaithersburg. we get the idea here. we should be warmer today. today is going to be a beautiful day. we'll see plenty of sunshine once we get rid of the fog and the overnight snow here should quickly melt off. we should be in for bright sunshine and warmer temperatures for our tuesday. there you go, september nell sat-rad, still showing you some cloud cover. out in the west, out in west virginia and ohio, we've got
4:48 am
clearing and it should be a nice day for us today. that will get in here by tomorrow afternoon and that will be a rainmaker. our temperatures are going to be too warm to support anything other than rain by tomorrow afternoon. we'll get a good soaking rain around here by tomorrow night. mostly sunny skies. miler this afternoon. it will be a little breezy there with winds, particularly the morning hours gusting to about 25 miles per hour. and then just kind of partly cloudy and chilly overnight. 35 the overnight low. here is your five-day forecast. we've got rain in the forecast. tomorrow, afternoon rain returns. a.m. showers on thursday and then we just get cold around here friday and saturday. daytime highs will struggle to the 40-degree mark by saturday with some sunshine. that is a look at weather, let's do some on-time traffic. julie wright has got your latest this morning. what's up? >> not a lot. lanes are open coming inbound along 66. no trouble spots to report as you work your way in from
4:49 am
manassas. again, this morning, i think our biggest problem will be the fog. it is kind of socked in here around our area. this is a live shot of traffic coming southbound on 270 out of germantown. proceed with caution. allow extra time out on the roads and watch those elevated passages for what could be some black ice so again, we know the temperatures have been flirting around the freezing mark. that is something to watch out for right now. no incidents to report if you are traveling into downtown. making your way from northeast to northwest. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. a fox 5 flashback to a hostage situation at a major headquarters in our area. that is coming up next. >> gunshots in the main lobby at one discovery place i don't that scene unfolded at the discovery building last euro. now, an officer is being honoredded for his bravery. stay with us. we'll have that story coming up. hospitalized every year
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it was a frightening scene that most of us will never forget. last year's hostage situation at discovery communications center. monday, the montgomery county officer who helped take down the gunman received an award for his bravery. >> we have a male caucasian in the main lobby with a gun at one discovery place. >> he looks like he has a bomb or something strapped to him. >> reporter: the 911 calls from the day a suicide bomber took over the lobby of discovery channel. listen closely. >> someone was running up to the guard within a rifle in their arm. >> does it looks like a police officer. >> no, he is in shorts, t- shirt, black gentleman. he has a yellow fluorescent
4:53 am
thing on his shoulder. >> okay, anterior good to go with that. >> is that a police officer? >> yes. >> that is a police officer. that is a police officer. >> the yellow arm band let police know that person in plainclothes was an officer. that same montgomery county officer, ed paden, was wearing something else today, the congressional badge of bravery. on september 1, 2010, ed paden was only scheduled to work a few hours in the morning. he did that but then because he was training for a triathlon he headed down to the chesapeake bay for a swim. he can't remember exactly how many jellyfish bites he got. >> once a minute. once a minute. >> reporter: even so, he returned to the station in silver spring, got in his car and that is when the call went out. >> just reacted. reacted. something we're trained for. i was close by. >> reporter: he entered the build and got within 25 feet of the gunman. >> you click real quick. you see it. it's like okay, all right, this is it. >> he is giving us all the in attempt l, what the bomb look
4:54 am
like, what the man looks like, where he is. but ed now is also in a position where mr. lee was not going to be able to get further into the building. >> reporter: tom fisher was one of the hostage. returning at a -- courage at a time when some say leadership is making. >> folk may ask where are the heroes, where are the leaders today. i think i got an answer. they're right over there. they're all across this wall right here. >> in montgomery county, beth parker, fox 5 news. coming up, the latest gadgets are on display at the consumer electronics show in las vegas. we'll get a glimpse of the newest must-have toys. a rematch for all the marbles on the college gridiron, lsu
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versus alabama and this one was one-sided. we're checking sports coming up next. $75 for a one-hour introductory flight lesson from freeway aviation for a half hour ground instruction and a half hour in the air. log onto andlike for my fox half off on the right side of the home page. stay with us. we'll be right back. ack. -dad, why are you gettining th? -that's my cereal.
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talking sports now. alabama is the champ of college football. they beat the lsu tigers in the bcs championship last night 21- 0. jeer any shelley kicked five fold goals and trent richardson broke a 34-yard touch downrun
4:58 am
late in the fourth quarter. -- touchdown run late in the fourth quarter. turning to hockey now, a tough game out west for the washington caps. they lost to the l.a. kings last night 5-2. alex ovechkin went scoreless for the second straight game after a seven-game scoring streak. the caps are 0-12-1 this season when ovechkin doesn't score. georgetown at home. the hoyas shot better than 60% for most of the night. georgetown falls to since nationally 68-64. for gadget geeks, this may be the best week of the year. the annual consumer electronics show kicks off in leigh. >> reporter: it seems like you
4:59 am
are looking for things that are working better together. they want thinner, lighter, better, functional. >> i think we'll see more of what the industry likes to call echo systems like tablets that are able to take your tv content and allow to you watch them on the tv. conversely, i think you will see more tablets and smart phones that you can use as remote controls for example for your television set. manufacturers are looking to try to create an integrated experience because they know that what people really want now from the technology in their lives is to be able to take virtually any content or any functionality to multiple devices in their life not just keep it in the living room or keep it on the phone or keep it on the computer. >> reporter: so what are we seeing in the tv space? >> i think in tv, a lot of the buzz is not going to be around


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